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coinmasterfreespindaily| Yu Chengdong no longer serves as CEO of Huawei Terminal BG, but former COO He Gang takes over

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Interface News reporter | Lu Keyan

Interface News Editor | Song Jiannan

Huawei's management was also reshuffled when it released its latest first-quarter results.

On April 30th, according to 36 Krypton, Huawei issued a personnel adjustment document on the same day, announcing that Yu Chengdong would step down as Huawei terminal BG CEO, but still retain the post of chairman of terminal BG. He Gang, former Huawei terminal BG and chief operating officer, took over as Huawei terminal BG CEO.

Interface News confirmed from a number of Huawei people that the adjustment is true.

Yu Chengdong has been the CEO of Huawei terminal company for nearly 13 years since 2011. The successor, he Gang, joined Huawei as early as 1998 and became president of Huawei's consumer BG mobile phone products in 2012.

During his tenure, Huawei's terminal business revenue has increased from 2012.Coinmasterfreespindaily160.1 billion yuan, up to 2020CoinmasterfreespindailyWith a peak of 482.9 billion yuan, its mobile phone business once topped the global smartphone market in terms of single-quarter sales.

A Huawei person on the interface news analysis, the move does not mean that Yu Chengdong narrowed the scope of power.

According to Huawei's website, Yu Chengdong currently holds the following positions: managing director of Huawei, chairman of terminal BG, chairman of smart car solution BU, and director of smart terminal and smart car components IRB.

The chairman of Terminal BG means that Yu Chengdong is still the number one in the business, these people said. In addition, the existence of Huawei's IRB (Investment Review Committee) department is extremely important, and its role is to determine the investment of specific business projects. Yu Chengdong still serves as the director of the smart terminal IRB, indicating that he has the right to make investment decisions in the business.

People close to Huawei told Interface News that Yu Chengdong's departure may be a sign that he wants to focus more on the auto business.

As a matter of fact, Yu Chengdong's focus of work has gradually shifted. Since the second half of last year, he has no longer managed the front-line mobile phone business, but has given more work to he Gang.

coinmasterfreespindaily| Yu Chengdong no longer serves as CEO of Huawei Terminal BG, but former COO He Gang takes over

Many Huawei people believe that he Gang is theoretically the most suitable person to succeed Yu Chengdong. He has participated in and led the research and development of Huawei's Mate and P-series mobile phones, which are also the two major series that have established Huawei's position in the high-end mobile phone market.

He Gang was initially in charge of the wireless business when he joined Huawei. In 2011, driven by Yu Chengdong, he Gang moved into the mobile phone business and became president of Huawei consumer BG mobile phone product line. Since then, he Gang has been promoted to chief operating officer of Huawei terminal BG and director of Huawei terminal BG sustainable development committee, and has been the number two person in terminal business.

Huawei's terminal business has encountered many difficulties before, but judging from the financial results released on the same day, it has found a suitable way to survive under the normal sanctions.

According to the financial report, Huawei achieved an operating income of about 1784 in the first quarter.Coinmasterfreespindaily.50 billion yuan, an increase of 36% over the same period last yearCoinmasterfreespindaily.66%; the net profit returned to the mother was about 19.65 billion yuan, an increase of about 564% over the same period last year, and the net profit margin reached 11%. The sharp increase in net profit margin is directly related to the revenue performance of Huawei's terminal business.

Huawei has made a lot of moves in mobile phones over the past year, first in August, when its high-end flagship Mate 60 series announced its return, sparking a buying spree. The high-profile phone is equipped with Kirin chips, and some models are still in short supply. In December, Huawei released the nova 12 series.

Huawei's latest mobile phone product is the Pura70 series. In the field of new energy vehicles, the company has also released many new products such as the new S7, the new M5 and the shared S9.

After this personnel adjustment, whether in the mobile phone terminal or in the automobile field, Huawei may return to the previous aggressive style of play, recovering lost territory and opening up new markets at the same time.

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